Focused on providing Accounting, Tax Preparation

Who we are

ANCORAcct is a company created by Amira Rey, Contadora Saint Leo University and Industrial Engineering of the University of North Barranquilla, Colombia , with an MBA from the University of the Andes in Bogota , Colombia

15 years experience in Accounting for small businesses. Authorized by the Internal Revenue Service- IRS taxes for individuals and businesses. Authorized by the IRS for tax registration online : e file provide


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ANCORACCT is available to provide services :

  • Accounting

    It includes a monthly accounting of all business transactions and month -to-month profit and loss , balance sheet , bank reconciliations netrega.

  • Taxes

    Every year taxes for individuals and businesses that may be partnerships, corporations or other statutory structure are made.

  • Business creation

    It is to create new businesses at different states or cambier personnel structure to partnerships or corporations .

  • Payroll

    Se hacen las formas y pagos de 941, 944, pago de seguro de desempleo ante el estado o federal y registro a pagos de todos empleados.

  • Document Management

    Based on the financial statements and information supplied by the client financial projections are made to introduce different entities that request .

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